7 Attributes That Make a Good Presenter

The importance of being a good presenter and having a good presentation is not limited to the corporate world. If you own a home business or promote a business having the right presenting skills will make all the difference in the outcome.

I’ve been to a few presentations, but the one that stuck out and impressed me the most was the presenter who made me feel like I wasn’t obligated to buy. There were no strings attached for sitting in on the presentation and as a matter of fact, I participated and enjoyed myself.

Here are 7 characteristics that help a good presenter present well.

1. Preparation
For many things in life being prepared is the key to establishing success. When it comes to presenting you can be prepared, but over-rehearsing will sound scripted and fake. Being prepared is not limited to what you say, but what if the equipment doesn’t work? Don’t let a mistake like this rattle you. Make sure you have a backup plan in case something unexpected occurs. Of course there may be events that happen beyond your control, but handle it calmly and in a controlled manner.

2. Passion
When you love your products, talking about it and presenting it will come naturally. When you’re passionate about your business, the excitement and the energy that are put forth is genuine.

3. Facts
Know your facts about the company you’re presenting; know its products or services and how they work.

4. Deliverance
Enunciate; speak clearly and loud enough for everyone to hear. It’s no fun if someone is shouting from the back row because they can’t hear your presentation. Have a vocal range, use different facial expressions and gestures because monotony is a sleeper.

5. Interaction
Engaging with your audience by having them respond to you verbally will ensure they are listening to you. Participation gets everyone involved and excited. Involve some people in demonstrations as this put them in a situation where they can relate with your product or service.

6. Eye Contact and Listening
Eye contact is important in any situation. This is a way to read how people are reacting to what you’re saying. If people surround the room, scan the room and also listen for chatter. It works well if you have a small group of people where you’re close enough to them and you can hear the whispers of questions or comments then you can easily nip uncertainties or reinforce positive reaction on the spot.

7. Personal Stories
Share personal stories that people can relate to. It shows you are human. Add humour as it breaks any uneasiness in the room and puts people in a positive frame of mind.

It’s important after the presentation to erase any doubts people may have. Allow feedback on how well you did so you will know which areas you need to improve on. A good presenter will embrace criticism as a learning tool and then apply it to give amazing presentations.

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