Are You Struggling To Get Offline Clients To See You As An Authority?

The current recession has made local business owners over and above everyone else tighten their marketing belts and cut back on any non essential expenditure.

This has had a marked effect on the amount of offline enquiries coming in from offline clients and if you are not careful then you will end up with just one or two clients and not enough income coming in for you to survive as a supplier.

The banks are not lending to small to medium sized businesses at the moment whilst making huge profits so we need a way to ensure that you as a self employed marketing consultant can survive and also show local businesses how to make money in such a tight financial climate.

If you approach a new client with your offering then it had better be good otherwise you will be rejected outright and you will struggle to keep your own business afloat let alone help the businesses of you clients.

You may have already cut your prices to try and attract more customers, this is the wrong way to go about things as you will end up working twice as hard for half of the money, and your clients will then not want to increase their prices when the financial climate improves.

My advice is to keep your prices as they are and make sure you provide lots of added value instead. If you do this from the outset and really go the extra mile to help your clients then it will pay you back much more as you clients will trust you and see you as an authority in your field.

So we need to find a way to attract new clients and give them absolute proof that you can do what you say, increase their traffic and get them new enquiries and customers. Many people purport to do this but not many can deliver on their promise. If you can do this you will stand head and shoulders above all of your competitors and also attract positive like minded clients in the process.

One great way to prove what you can do works is to present a prospective offline client with a free offer. This offer will need to deliver proof that your methods work and they will then fall over themselves to use your paid services. It is all about delivering value.

Ask yourself a question, if you were looking for the service that you offer would you go that one step further and enquire or would you just pass it up as yet more noise and empty promises?

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Pearly Dean is an experienced offline consultant and Internet Marketer.

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