Barriers to Effective Communication

Do you sometimes feel difficult to effectively communicate with other people especially for business purpose? You may simply think because you not just not sociable. Well, what is more behind the general word sociable? Understanding more about these barriers help you know more about what the underlying factors are causing you not sociable and achieve better communication.

Filtering is the control of information flow intentionally so that the receiver feel more easily accepted. In an organization, it can happen when the upper hierarchy not desire all the information be known by the lower hierarchy. For more personal situation, it can happen when your family member refuses to disclose certain bad news to you.

Selective Perception
Selective perception means we interpret information selectively based on our own interests. Facing the same information, different receiver will selectively pick up the piece of information that interests him, leading to certain information more impressive to us while others are not.

Information overload
In such a technologically advance era, information is flowing everywhere. We are not monster or even computer, the information that we can process at the same time is very limited. When there is too much information, we will be overloaded. When this happens, we start to miss out, forget and ignore information. With information loss due to overload, we are not going to have effective communication.

You feelings at the time of communication mean a lot to how you interpret the information. The same message sent to you when you are angry and when you are happy can be interpreted significantly different. The biggest problem to us caused by emotions is not we are going to miss certain information (maybe useful ones), the problem is usually at that time we are not that rational. If we fail to interpret the information rationally, we are not objective and logical.

The same word can have different meaning when it comes to different people due to our background and cultural differences. Even we are speaking the same language like English, sometimes, we cannot accurately get the meaning from others. The big problem does not lie with the fact that a word can mean differently to different people, the problem is we always assume other people interpret the word with the same meaning as we do. This is especially true to the communication between men and women.

By knowing the barriers to effective communication, you can intentionally do something to lower the barriers. Though it is not that easy to eliminate all the barriers due to tons of reasons, knowing more about it is always better.

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