Public Speaking Travel Opportunities – How To Travel The World By Making Speeches And Presentations

Public speaking will allow you to travel and the world and get paid for it. This can be an exciting way to live and you will be able to earn more money than you would in most any other line of work. Here are some ways to make public speaking a career that will also help you to see the world.

Formulate a signature or keynote speech that lasts from about forty five minutes to one and a half hours. In this speech you will motivate. Educate, inspire, and teach you audience about the topic you speak on. After a while you will be able to easily make changes to your speech to suit the different audiences you will be speaking to.
Contact the cruise lines to find out their speaker schedule for the upcoming season. You can literally write your own ticket and speak on the cruise ships as they travel around the world.
Find out which corporations will need speakers during the coming year. Prepare a press kit and keep it on your website. If a company is interested in having you speak to their people they can download the information about you and what you do by getting it from your site. This will save you hundreds of dollars and lots of time by not making you responsible for sending out information that is sometimes never used.
Get started as a speaker by speaking to smaller groups. There are groups like the Rotary Club that will allow you to come and speak on your topic. You can work on your presentation skills with an audience of educated people and find out what works and what you will want to change.
A career in public speaking can be a rewarding one. Make sure you learn exactly what you need to know from someone who has made a living by traveling the world making speeches and public presentations.

And now I invite you to learn how to make a career from public speaking by visiting and find the resources you need to make an excellent living from speaking publicly and making presentations.

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