Subliminal Messages – The Key to Personal Success From the Inside Out

About two years ago as I write this article I sat down to create a list of reasons people have offered over the years as to why they have been unable to make money or otherwise enjoy real business success. I should really come clean here and say that the list really ended up being simply a list of excuses.

Next I started systematically working my way down the list creating either a CD or DVD to address each of the excuses. I wanted to develop something that would really help people address their own personal issues. I knew that in order for it to be really effective and for people to glean the most benefit, I had to start at the core which meant I had to go deep inside their subconscious mind.

Subliminal messages work by bypassing the most critical, often skeptical mind to deeply penetrate the more open and receptive subconscious mind. This empowers the listener to change their limited beliefs into positive ones which can affect real change. After all, you may have heard it said… change the way you think and you will change your life. It is so true.

After the smoke cleared I ended up with 52 subliminal volumes that address everything you might imagine that could be going on inside of a person such as self-esteem issues, limiting beliefs, relationship issues, public speaking, negotiating skills, sleep issues and the list goes on.

Here’s the point. When your emotions are out of whack you simply aren’t focused on the task at hand. Your mind is only focused on how depressed you are. And as long as you allow this condition to continue you will never be able to truly experience real success in life and achieve greatness.

Success is more than simply joining a business opportunity or MLM and setting up a website. It all starts in your mind. It starts inside of you. How you think and then act upon those thoughts determines your quality of life. Your beliefs are either self-limiting or they are positive. You act upon them either way.

One of the reasons why subliminals are so effective is because they are effortless. All you so is simply play the subliminal recording in the background as you continue to do your normal activities, sleep etc. The powerful subliminal messages penetrate deep into your subconscious mind to get rid of your self-limiting beliefs and to replace them with more positive thoughts with which to take real action on. When you act on these new positive thoughts you begin to immediately see real change in the quality of your life and the success you have.

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